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We want you to have a brilliant life, realising your dreams and ambitions.

We help you to do that by providing you with support and assistance for every element of your life, including your career. We work with brilliant employers to make sure that work is somewhere where you thrive and grow. We partner with brilliant firms to bring you the best lifestyle support. Together we’ll celebrate brilliant you!

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Brilliant People

You’re ready for something bigger and brighter and just need some support to get there! We’re here to help. Find out more about the benefits of being a Brilliant Member and upload your resume to get started on the journey to a brilliant you! We have specialist support for young people at Brilliant Future and for executives at Exceptionally Brilliant as well of course as caring for the majority of people who are Always Brilliant.

Brilliant Businesses

Your company is looking for a brilliant team at a brilliant price. We have the solutions you need. Find out more about the incredible value we offer and the remarkable talent we will connect you to. A brand new model allows you to build your team with the support of our world class expertise. Plug in as much or as little extra support as you need, safe in the knowledge that we are here to help.

Brilliant Living

You’re a leader in your field and provide a service or product that our Brilliant People will love. We want to work with you. Find out more about how our affiliate partnership program works and how Brilliant Living creates meaningful benefits for our members and for our suppliers across a wide range of industries from finance to travel to health. Our Brilliant People deserve the best, tell us why they’ll love you.

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At Brilliant we are serious about our Care Workers / NHS

Lots of people talk about their love and admiration for our care workers and give them a clap!! But we knew more was needed, so we created our Care Division and from Day 1 it has been an outstanding success and we are only just getting going. The headline is that we are now dealing with Care Homes right across the UK and helping them recruit a full range of team members – But we have basically broken the model in regards fees that we charge and is saving our clients in the region of 70% (That is all money that stays in the business that they can then invest in You and the people they care for!! Makes 100% sense to us)

Save money before we even find you a job!! If you use it right you should be earning yourself c£500 a year in actual cash! Subscribe to our mailing list to get your discount code.

What’s to come – We are talking to a range of retailers/services and we are creating the most amazing “Bundle” of products, discounts, offers etc that all be exclusive to the “brilliant Care workers” and we will be launching that very very soon.

If you are a Business in the care sector, because of all the amazing work our Care Resourcing Team are doing we are building the very best candidate portfolio and therefore we can help you – And as we say above its real, we are seriously charging 70% less to the rest of the sector and delivering better service / candidates – If you want to talk just make contact – with our UK Head of Resourcing (Yes a real person!! Not just an email address) to talk candidates or go to if its commercials you want to discuss.

This Month At Brilliant We ❤️ Our NHS

As February celebrates St Valentine and love there can be no profession we love more than the heroes of healthcare working in our NHS.

Throughout February 2022, and March 2022 too because let’s face it, our nurses and carers are just that brilliant, we are giving NHS Trusts and private care homes from across the UK access to our database of brilliant people. That means you can advertise any role to our Brilliant People and then contact them directly to add them to your team. Our normal placement fees have disappeared, with a simple one off flat administration fee of £250 to onboard you.

We hope that you might share the love and pass the saved recruitment fees onto your brilliant new staff.

Come April there is no obligation to stay brilliant! Of course if you are loving your new brilliant team members and want more, you can become a Brilliant Businesses employer and work with us ongoingly through one of our support packages.

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