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We are a business that has been created to lead the change in the recruitment market. We were created back in October 2015 and were originally 15ten15 and changed our name in Jan 2022. We have spent over six years looking, researching and understanding what the candidates in 2022 want from a recruiter and we have removed all the hard sell from the process to give you an honest and supportive recruitment service.

We have a number of aims but our core is based around 3 foundations.  Firstly, jobs, we work with a range of businesses across the globe to bring our candidate community the best possible jobs in the market at any given time. Secondly, we have created a community of individuals and then we have partnered with the best businesses across the globe in areas of life to bring products and services to our community at the best possible price and availability. Thirdly we believe that we are all “Brilliant” in our own special way and we therefore provide content and support to make sure you can find that Brilliant you to live your best life.

If you are looking for a job, simply go to the registration page and follow the process – from there we have all your details GDPR compliant and we can share a whole range of jobs and content with you. If you just want to be part of the community, just go here and register your name and email address and we can keep you included.

Fair comment to be honest!! But that’s why we have created Brilliant – Lets be open here!! Our CEO is a lifelong recruiter and it was his frustration and total disgust at the recruitment market that this all started. Recruiters are actually decent people! But they are driven by their bosses to act in certain ways so they make money. Well we have removed all those habits and targets from the process so our team act differently.

Yep and we 100 percent agree. However, often all you want to know is “Is my application going any further? Yes or no? Well we promise you that, we will always email and update you on where you are at with an application, even if its NO.

We have covered that to, If you get a no you can say that’s OK at least I know and I can move onto other applications or you can simple go to our “Book a call Link” and book in a time with one of our team and you can then discuss why and how to make sure we are working together to move forwards.

That’s cool, call the office number best suited to you and one of the team will be there to help. Or book an appointment on the link.

Good question and it’s all come down to economics to be honest!! Bit boring but true. As a community we have over 100,000 potential customers to go to a range of brands and say “Do you want to sell to our community?” The answer 99 percent of the time is yes! So we can then say, great what in it for us and our community? What can you offer as an incentive, we get discounts, we get ahead of the queue on new products, we are able to build packages of products that suit you because we have the scale – and with that we then give back the benefits to you as an individual. But, in the spirit of the Brilliant brand – yes we do get extra incentives to bring our community to them and we do make a small percentage of a number of sales. We have to pay our bills too.

As a business we are serious about people’s lives and people often don’t know where to turn or talk to. Well get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you. Our CEO is very open about his addiction to alcohol and is now sober and supports people who have alcohol issue in any way he can. But its much bigger than that – It could be any type of addiction that is concerning you, Social Media, Food, Porn, Betting, Drugs etc etc. We are building a network of the very best help that we can introduce you to. You don’t need to be alone with addiction.

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