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Live the dream

Find your dream life not ‘just another job’.

Join the Brilliant revolution. There’s more to life than work.

Explain what the service does for clients

At Brilliant we’ve created a business that is driven by creating a community based around living and success. Yes, we do jobs, but we are changing the way both candidates and companies interact when it comes recruitment. Our culture is based on honesty, transparency and achieving win-win outcomes for all. By having a pricing structure that is without question one of the fairest ways for clients to recruit the best talent, it means we secure more job opportunities for our candidate community. Then the ‘Brilliant’ bit!! We are bringing whole life opportunities to our community through amazing deals, offers, products and content – influenced by and tailored to you.


Companies Simple: a recruitment offering fit for your business as it is today. Open and honest with a fee level to suit.


Candidates Simple: actual jobs with real businesses. With no sales targets and none of the “It’s the best job ever” nonsense, our team provides straight-forward help to find the right your next job for you.


Community Simple: the go-to place for offers, deals, products and content. All driven by what our community tells us it wants.

Our Promise

Having spent 5 years building and learning as a business, we know what’s important to clients and candidates. It’s why we can promise that: 

Our Partners

Why Brilliant


Brilliant People

With more than 20,000 brilliant members, in 2021 alone we helped 2,489 to find a brilliant new career.


Brilliant Countries

Brilliant operates in 14 countries around the globe, matching brilliant members with brilliant opportunities.


Brilliant Businesses

Brilliant holds over 10,000 direct contacts to firms including global and national leaders and FTSE 100 companies.

Recent Deal Secured

UK-based Health Care business

180+ new roles

2-Year deal

£10,000 Initial Payment, £2,000 Monthly Fee

Unlimited recruitment credits

Average Placement fee: c.£390 

Recent Deal Secured

Global Manufacturing business

4 UK Sites

Multiple Skilled / Professional Roles – c.£20K to £80k salaries

£14,999 + VAT Retainer Payment

12 recruitment credits

April Deal Secured

£20 Million T/O Yorkshire-based SME

FD Appointment + 10 other £20k – £60k recruitment credits 

£5k Initial Payment, £10k balance on FD placement




£2,000 + VAT

5 Roles in the next 12 months

£4,000 + VAT

10 Roles in the next 12 months

£8,000 + VAT

25 Roles in the next 12 months

Recruitment Options



£2,999 + VAT

3 Roles in the next 12 months

£4,999 + VAT

6 Roles in the next 12 months

£8,999 + VAT

12 Roles in the next 12 months

executive roles



£4,999 + VAT

plus an additional £4,999 on placement of the Executive Role.

These roles are carried out by our Executive Board team.

You also receive 5 credits for roles in the 20k to 60k salary Range

Looking for a rewarding career and a better lifestyle?

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